About that “Bond villainish secret project”…

Long overdue for an update, I know, but I’ve been hard at work on a little something special for the Coast Reporter.  

A radio guy who finds himself in print, but missing broadcasting a bit, has options in our multi-platform media universe.

When I joked about the top secret lab after joining the Coast Reporter it was more of a tease.  The “lab”, which I’ve affectionately christened the CR Skunkworks (with apologies to Lockheed Martin), is actually a bit of borrowed office space that is now home to The Coast Beat… our paper’s new podcast.  As well as my duties as a staff writer, I’ll be producing and hosting the podcast.  But, it’s by no means a solo show.  Everybody from our web and tech people to my editor and the other writers have been doing some heavy lifting.

Today, it paid off.  Our first episode is up.  It’s a soft launch, and has a bit of a “beta” feel.  Give it a listen.  If you’ve got some feedback, you can drop me a line (the details are at the end of the podcast).


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