Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts

I’ve been a member of the Board of the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts since 2015.

The FOWA Board provides oversight and guidance for the Festival’s professional staff.

Board members also play a role as volunteers during the Festival’s run, and through my broadcast experience I produced the first-ever podcasts for the Festival.  You can hear them at the Festival‘s news page.

I’ve also had the privilege of being on the FOWA stage.  In 2011 I joined Jerry Thompson, author of Cascadia’s Fault” (as well as producer of the 2009 documentary Shockwave) and Sunshine Coast Regional District Emergency Planning Coordinator, Bill Elsner, to discuss the inevitability of the ‘The Big One’ and whether we’re ready.

Thompson’s book, by the way, was published four years before the oft-shared New Yorker story “The Earthquake That Will Devastate the Pacific Northwest“.

We jokingly called ourselves the ‘Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse’.

Sean Hosting FOWA Forum                              (Photo Cathie Roy, Coast Reporter )

Jerry’s blog at Cascadia’s Fault also has some great insights into journalism.

I was also on stage in 2018 for a similarly apocalyptic event: “Firestorm” with Ed Struzik, author of a book of the same name about wildfire history and science and Aaron Williams, author of Chasing Smoke: A Wildfire Memoir about his time fighting fires with the BC Wildfire Service.