Transitioning to print… Part 2

I’ve just signed the papers that will magically transform me from a freelance contributor at the Coast Reporter  to an official member of the team with the right to have “Staff Writer” in my byline and all!

I’ll be starting my new role with the paper just as soon as they finish prepping the basement lab where I’ll also be heading up an only slightly Bond villainish (Ed note: perhaps that would read better as, ‘villainesque’?) top secret project.  I should be able to update you on that in the next few weeks.

I wonder if they’ll let me order this sign from Accuform for the door? (It’s only  17 bucks, which is way cheaper than a corps of henchmen in matching ’70s-style jumpsuits)

Restricted Access Sign

I keep calling this my “transition to print”, but I’m still going to have the freedom to pursue some freelance projects.  If you want to give me money for words, voices or sounds drop by the ‘About’ page to see my contact info.


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