Whiteboard Wisdom

During my time as a radio news director I was a big fan of my whiteboard.  I used it to track assignments, of course, but also as an excuse to be be goofy (scroll down for examples).

But, I think most of my coworkers at the time agreed I hit peak whiteboard when I filled the entire thing with “Newsroom 101” as an aid for a complete rookie I was training to step in as a reporter.

Some of the advice was specific to that person (like the bit on slowing down your read – for most of us, picking up the pace is the better advice).

Our engineer Sam took this photo, which only resurfaced a while ago (and was posted on my social media accounts).  I’m proud of it, and maybe there’s something in it for you.

 The goofiness:

Federal Election Day , 2015

Thanksgiving (Canadian)

Always plan a vacation around a stat day !

And, when the whiteboard just won’t do – give the wheel of excuses a spin!

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