Sean Eckford is a pretty much retired broadcaster and journalist, based on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

Sean wrapped up a stint as a staff writer and podcast producer/host with the Coast Reporter in November of 2020. The podcast episodes live on here or at Apple Podcasts etc.

He served as the News Director at 91.7 Coast FM serving the Sunshine Coast and Nanaimo from May of 2006 to December of 2015, as well as sister-station 89.7 Juice FM in Duncan BC from August of 2014 to December of 2015.

He’s also:

-Worked with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)’s Radio One in Ottawa.

-Been the Parliament Hill stringer for the BBC World Service.

-Worked as a reporter, public affairs show host and announcer with various private broadcasters.

-Edited magazines and newspapers.

You can find some of his audio archive at soundcloud.com/seaneckford;

Lots of professional details at LinkedIn ;

And contact him at eckford.freelance@gmail.com

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